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As we circulate deeper into the Facebook world to share information about our properties, we encounter the negativity that inevitably follows from social media. Recently a Facebook poster made an incredibly derogatory remark about one of our properties. When viewing their personal Facebook page, they were very positive and sharing God’s word. The negative comment towards our property conflicted sharply with the person they portrayed on their own page. This isn’t the first experience of this phenomena but it is the moment when I’m probably giving it too much thought.

Who are you? When you’re looking at that screen and posting, commenting, and messaging, who are you really? Is the perfectly edited photo really you? Is the revealing selfie really you? Are the daily positive messages you find and post really you? Is the vitriol spewed from your keyboard really you? Is the life you portray on social media reality or an illusion? In your low moments do you look at your own social media accounts and say “I wish”?

I TOLD you I was thinking about this too much!

How often do we hear the power of positive thinking brings the positive into your life? From this theory can we surmise the positive images and messages we post on social media are a form of positive thinking? Are we creating the life we want on social media to open our actual lives to the positive? To the improvements, we want in our lives? If we explore this approach then a certain level of consistency is probably required. I am reluctant to believe you can post sunshine and rainbows while spreading sewage in your comments and good energy will rejuvenate your life. I am of a mind that your comments will reveal yourself quicker than any post. Can everyone be positive at all times? I don’t believe so but in those moments, is it necessary to spread negativity. Is silence so wrong?

From the safety of the keyboard, people can and often say whatever they want and frequently without thoughtful consideration. It is unfortunate. Words are often spoken verbally without forethought. They slip free before you can call them back. It is shameful the written word spreads negativity and hate when the writer can cherish moments of contemplation. Did I write something harmful? Did I write something hateful? Did I write something hurtful? Did I write something honest? More simply and most importantly, did I write something helpful?

Anyone who knows me is more than aware I am not Little Miss Mary Sunshine. I don’t keep rainbows in my pocket. On occasion, most occasions, bubbly people annoy me. I find perky people exhausting. However, I also believe most people who know me would say I am mindful of my words and my first inclination is not hatefulness. Can I be negative…absolutely! Is it my driving force…no, which is probably why such rampant social media hostility confounds me.

In my personal life, I will continue to avoid social media as I would the plague. Professionally I will persist and slay the three-headed hydra with upbeat and intelligent responses! Like the hydra shut down one hater and three more arise…we’ll just throw sunshine and rainbows at them.

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